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Genius Property Advisors is not the typical brokerage.


You know the stereotype….

Part-time soccer parent, MLM lipstick and vitamin salesperson that is “trying” to “do” real estate “on the side” that can talk with you after band practice …… yes, you know the type.

Moving is serious business and you deserve a serious professional on your side.

Everyone here is a full time, educated professional.  is our rent house locator division.
Many “typical” agents just don’t “get it”. 

Why would they spend 70 or more hours each week working with renters to earn only few hundred dollars?  The same amount of time spent with one home buyer could pay them thousands.

We think differently here.

Renting a house in the D/FW Area is one of the fastest growing segments of the Real Estate market. With today’s mortgage crisis and uncertain economy many people find leasing a nice home to be a wise choice.

Until now, renters have been, for the most part, overlooked.

There are plenty of agents that would love to just send you a list, let you do all the leg work, burn your gasoline and then claim a quick commission for “finding you a rent house”

Yes. Lazy, easy money types are not hard to find. If you do the work, they are happy to get paid.

At you will find full time, educated professionals using the latest technology and good old fashioned hard work. We narrow down the options to a few homes that meet your specific needs.  We look at the houses with you, answer your questions and help you with the application and lease. 

Contact us today.  We want to show you the difference.

Education. Experience. Excellence.
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