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Here is a link to a search page.

BEFORE YOU CLICK, YOU REALLY NEED TO KNOW what others won’t tell you about searching.

Many real estate web sites allow you to search through the MLS listings and view photos.

Those sites are only showing you the “customer view” of the listings. That’s right; an advertisement.

Advertisements generated by the owner's agent. The agent that is obligated to try and get the best deal for them.

You will see on the listings the names and phone numbers of these agents.  Don’t you think they love it when an unrepresented buyer or renter calls them direct?

Not only that; on the agent’s view there is a section called “private information”, makes you wonder, doesn’t it?

Did you know that sometimes these “advertisements” stay visible to you for days after the home is no longer available?

A person looking for a home may call the number and not only be told that the home is unavailable but then have a stranger  try to “sell” them on some other home….what a waste of your valuable time.

We understand that people like to look at these pictures.

We just want you to know what you are really seeing.

Here is the search page link again.

Go ahead, look if you like.
When you are done, contact us.

Better yet, call us now @ 214-642-1217 so we can get started.


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